Performance Engineering makes your web and mobile applications efficient to handle the intensive workload

Surpass your customer expectations by deploying high-performance apps that can be achieved by incorporating intelligent analytics, integrating enterprise-grade performance engineering solutions, spanning extensive integrations with DevOps, and introducing performance monitoring tools. Initiating VSLD’s performance engineering solutions throughout the product development lifecycle enhances users’ experiences.

Application performance impacts an organization’s overall efficiency substantially. Finding the source of error in an extremely complex system drains your resources’ time and can cause huge financial loss. Having a big DevOps team on the deployment end requires the integration of performance engineers to ensure the quality and stability of every integration module.

What We Offer

We follow best practices of performance engineering at every step of SDLC to ensure a robust performing application.

Capacity planning to deliver outstanding business productivity.
Shift left testing approach to early detects the errors, designing flaws, bugs, etc.
Fail fast approach to identify the performance issues with every new integration.
Performance benchmarking by assessing the system’s performance against key performance indicators (KPIs).
Efficient performance monitoring tools to record performance metrics.

How VSDL’s Performance Engineering Services
Can Promote Your Product Efficiency

Improved user experience
Our performance engineering boosts the efficiency of any application thus, impacting the user experience. We ensure to test the application at various stages of SDLC, which will drastically reduce the aborting detects, if any, which otherwise may deter any existing or future customer.
Early detection of application defects
VSDL team is capable of detecting the source of application defects, and possible reasons, in an increasingly complex environment. Once the issue is identified, it can be addressed quickly, which makes the entire process less time-consuming.
Saves cost due to timely detection
We provide more cost-effective solutions by discovering potential performance issues at an early stage of SDLC. In the absence of performance engineering, the software issues raised after deployment may cost a huge financial burden, when compared to those fixed prior to deployment.
Accurate testing with reduced test runs
VSDL provides 95% of accurate testing while reducing the number of test runs by 60%. The test runs are further reduced to 90% with an average testing accuracy of 91%. We assure our accuracy to provide an effective performance engineering service that stands far ahead of your expectations.
Our Strengths
Performance issues are often neglected due to the rise in overall time and cost involved in identifying and fixing the issues. Our expertise will enable performance testing with effective tools and the right processes.
Real-browser Testing | Cloud-based Testing | Continuous DevOps Testing
VSDL help in achieving automated continuous performance testing. We integrate software performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline allowing reduced time on feedback for DevOps practitioners and identifying issues early in the SDLC.